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  • Lunar New Year - School Closed

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  • Mid-Winter Recess - School Closed

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  • ELA State Test Administration

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  • Spring Break - School Closed

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  • Math State Test Administration

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  • Winter Break/Letter from the Superintendent

    Dear Families,

    Just a reminder that Winter Break begins this Friday, December 24 and runs through Sunday, January 2.  Students will report back to school on Monday, January 3, 2022.

    On behalf of the entire faculty and staff of IS 381, we wish you and your families a happy, healthy, and joyous Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year! 

    Please see below a letter from Superintendent Bove:


    Dear Parents,

    I hope this letter finds you and your family well.  This has been a year marked with hope as we welcomed our students back to school with our NYC Homecoming.  Students are happy to be among their friends and teachers.  As I visit schools, I am inspired by the special attention teachers give their students both academically and emotionally.  Schools have planned morning and/or after school programs to assist identified students in making a full academic recovery.  If you have questions about such programs, please reach out to your parent coordinator.
    In a few days, we will commence our winter break.  Students are reminded to remain engaged with their studies, and always continue to read.  I look forward to taking out my favorite book and read for the love of reading.  If possible, plan activities with your child(ren), even baking cookies enforces so many math skills, but more importantly, you will be sharing quality time!
    During the winter break, please continue to stress the guidelines we have learned from CDC:
      - wash our hands well
      - wear masks that cover mouth and nose
      - physically distance
      - receive frequent COVID testing
      - vaccinate, as age appropriate
      - receive boosters, as age appropriate
    If you need information about the different sites available for testing and vaccinations, check the D22 website at www.csd22.org.  Our amazing parent liaisons, Linda and Heather, update it regularly.
    Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your family health, peace, and love during this holiday season.

    Julia Bove
    Community Superintendent

    I.S. 381K
  • Toy Drive

    Students, Parents & Guardians:

    As we have done in past years, IS 381 is coordinating our annual Toy Drive to assist those in our community in need.  We ask you, if it will not cause a financial burden, to send in one unwrapped new toy to donate to needy children.

    Please note that we cannot accept any toy weapons.

    Toys can be dropped off in Mr. D's room in room 338.

    The toy drive will continue until Wednesday, December 22.

    I.S. 381K
  • Cell Phone Policy

    Dear Parents & Guardians,

    The number of incidents regarding inappropriate use of cell phones and other technology is becoming a major distraction to the education process at IS 381.  Please review Chancellor's Regulation A-413 below:

    While cell phones, laptops, tablets, iPads and other computing devices, and portable music/entertainment systems ARE allowed to be brought into schools, they are subject to the restrictions below:

    - Cell phones must be TURNED OFF (powered down, not on "silent mode") when students enter the building and placed in their backpack.

    - Students are NOT PERMITTED to use cell phones in the auditorium, cafeteria, or during recess.

    - Cell phones may NOT be used in locker rooms or bathrooms.

    - Cell phones may NOT be turned on during evacuation/fire drills or other emergency preparedness exercises (including "Lockdown" drills).

    - Cell phones may NOT be turned on or used during the administration of any school quiz, test, or examination.


    If a student uses a cell phone or other computing device while on school property, unless permission is specifically granted by the student's teacher, the following procedures will take place:

    - The cell phone or device will be confiscated by school administration.

    - It is the student's responsibility to contact the parent/guardian and inform them of the confiscation.

    - The device will be placed in a secure location until a parent/guardian can retrieve the device.

    - IS 381 and the DOE are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost, stolen, or broken devices.


    Please have a conversation with your child about the proper time and place to use cell phones and other portable electronic devices.


    I.S. 381K
  • First Marking Period Ends Today/Report Cards

    The first marking period officially ends TODAY, Friday, November 5.

    Report cards will be distributed to students on Thursday, November 18.  On that day, students will have a HALF DAY of classes (attending Periods 1-4 only) and be dismissed at 11:06 AM.  School buses and city buses will operate normally, but if your child is picked up, please make arrangements from now.  No students will be permitted to stay in the school building after 11:06 AM.

    Afternoon conferences will take place from 12:20 PM until 2:20 PM and evening conferences will run from 4:00 PM until 6:30 PM.  All parent-teacher conferences will take place virtually, either by telephone or an online platform like Google Meet.  Your child's teachers will reach out to you to make appointments.

    More details will be provided in the coming days.

    I.S. 381K
  • Election Day - Remote Learning

    Dear Students, Parents & Guardians:

    On Tuesday, November 2, all of I.S. 381's students will work virtually from home.  There will be a link for students to self-report their attendance in the morning, and then they are expected to follow their normal bell schedule as if they were in the school building.

    Live instruction will NOT take place due to teachers working on Professional Development for the day.  However, each of your child's teachers will be providing an assignment for students to work on while at home.

    More information will be shared with you next week.

    I.S. 381K
  • School Closed Monday 10/11

    Dear School Community,

    This week IS 381 delivered our Math and English Language Arts baseline assessments on the i-Ready software application.  Results will be shared with you as soon as possible.

    Please be advised that all NYC public schools are closed this coming Monday, October 11, in observance of Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day.  School will resume on Tuesday, October 12.  Have a wonderful weekend!

    I.S. 381K
  • Evacuation Drill Today

    Dear Parents & Guardians,

    This morning, IS 381 conducted an Evacuation Drill.  These drills are necessary so that, in the event of an actual emergency, our students and staff are prepared to follow procedures.  While this morning's Drill went well, please reinforce to your children the importance of these drills.  

    Students are expected to remain silent during a drill so that we may give them emergency instructions.  Masks are to be worn at all times throughout the drill.  Cell phone usage is NOT permitted during a drill.

    Thank you for your continued support as our partners in education.

    I.S. 381K
  • Welcome Back

    Dear Students, Parents & Guardians,

    We are so happy to welcome you all back for what is surely going to be an amazing school year!  Just a few quick reminders:

    Each day before school, students are required to fill out their Health Screening Survey before they enter the building.

    6th graders enter & exit the building on Avenue K near East 29 Street.

    7th and 8th graders enter & exit the building on East 29 Street between Avenue K & Avenue L.


    I.S. 381K
  • Returning School-Issued Devices

    Dear Students & Parents/Guardians:

    This Friday, June 25, is the last day of the school year.  Any student who was issued a device (Chromebook, laptop, iPad, calculator, etc.) MUST return those devices to the school this week.  You may come in at any time during the school day on TUESDAY, JUNE 22 or THURSDAY, JUNE 24.  Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope you have a wonderful Summer break!

    I.S. 381K
  • Opt-In to State Exams

    Dear I.S. 381 families,
    Hope this message finds you well.
    This is just a friendly reminder that the deadline to sign up your child to participate in the upcoming NYS exams is Tuesday, April 13.  I ask that you please sign up your child by the deadline date so that we can appropriately prepare and create a testing schedule that ensures the health and safety of all our students.  Please find below and in the attached letter guidelines for signing up your child.
    Parents/guardians (remote and in-person students) interested in having their children participate in the NYS exams must complete the Google Form, no later than next Tuesday, April 13, by accessing the link below.  If you previously sent me an email that you want your child to participate, you do not need to complete the Google Form.
    If we do not hear back from you by Tuesday, April 13, your child will not participate in state testing.
    If you need any further information concerning the upcoming exams, please visit the 2021 Parent Guide , w​here you can find a list of frequently asked questions with responses.  Also, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
    Mrs. Victoria Hippolyte-Agard
    I.S. 381K
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