Principal's Message

Intermediate School 381, Together on a Mission of Excellence!!! Principal Hippolyte-Agard 

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of the entire I.S. 381 Administration and Staff, I would like to welcome you to our school community.

Our goal at I.S. 381 is to ensure that children develop a strong foundation for high school and beyond, be college and career ready, as well as future productive and responsible citizens.  I am a strong believer that as educators ‘we don’t show our students how to follow the path, rather we teach them how to create a path of their own’, resulting in students that are critical thinkers and problem solvers.

To achieve this goal, our school is committed to providing students with rigorous and engaging instruction that is tailored to their needs, thus ensuring that they are well-prepared for successfully continuing their education beyond middle school.  Students are encouraged to explore new and/or build on existing talents through our various Schoolwide Enrichment activities in a nurturing environment.  Additionally, through our Positive Behavior Intervention System (“We take P-ersonal responsibility R-espect I-ntegrity D-etermination E-ngagement”), students cultivate a positive social and emotional mindset that is needed for strong character building. 

Along with the work being done at the school level to achieve our goals, our school engages in strategic partnerships with several initiatives and organizations.  Some of these initiatives include Algebra for AllComputer Science for AllCollege Access for All and Civics for All Partner Program.  Additionally, partnerships have been fostered with organizations, examples such as our CBO-New York Edge, Girl Be Heard, SHSAT Pilot Program and CHAMPS.

Our parents and guardians are encouraged to engage in all aspects of school life in order to support their children on their middle school journey, and to the betterment of the entire school at large. Parents use their voice and expertise as a platform to empower themselves and other members of our school community.  

My hope is that through effective collaboration and communication we continue to advance as a unified school community, focused on student achievement and success, as well as educating the whole child through our common and shared goals.

Thank you for your continued support of Intermediate School 381!


Mrs. Victoria Hippolyte-Agard