Meet Our Support Staff

Paula Benjamin  Ms. Benjamin 

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Tanya Harrison   Ms. Harrison 

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Rebecca Jompulsky  Ms. Jompulsky  
Guidance Counselor

B.A, Bilingual Education
M.A. School Counseling
Adv. Certificate, Admin & Supervision. - Brooklyn College

Hobbies: fitness

I am the daughter of Latino immigrants, and the first in my family to earn a High School diploma. I pursued my college degrees and certificates while working full time and raising 4 children.

I began my DOE career as a Spanish teacher at IS 240. I later continued my career at IS 381, where I was one of its founding staff members. In 2001, I was appointed School counselor of IS 381, where I continue to serve the entire school community.

I believe that my education and life experiences have shaped my ability to relate to and empathize with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. My goal is to provide students of IS 381 and their families guidance and support throughout their middle school years.

Symone Lopez  Ms. Lopez  
School Aide

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Sara Moses  Ms. Moses 
School Secretary

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Spiridoula Papazaharias  Ms. Papazaharias 
School Aide

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Susan Paul  Ms. S. Paul 
Occupational Therapist

M.S. mental health counseling - Nyack College (2013)

Hobbies: Reading, candy crush

I am the parent of 4 grown children. I never thought as a child that my dream job would be in a school. I love my job. No better feeling than getting prepared daily to go to a place you don't mind spending the day. YAY!

Lorraine Perry  Ms. Perry 

Hobbies: yoga, reading, art

I enjoy my work. I look forward to meeting students and their families. My co-workers are an amazing and supportive group of people. I learn something new every day and for these reasons I appreciate what I do for a living. I also have a loving family that I enjoy very much. I love spending time with positive people with a sense of humor. Laughter is good for the soul!

Jeffrey Rich  Mr. Rich 
SBST/School Psychologist

BA -Psychology- 1977-Brooklyn College
MS Ed - 1979 - Brooklyn College Graduate School
NYS Certification in School Psychology - 1979

Hobbies: Reading, traveling in the US , and other countries

I have had the honor of being the school psychologist at IS 381 since it started. For me, it is a great experience working with an incredible staff over the years, and being able to help parents and students. Students , consider this as a profession in which you can make a difference , as I hope I have and hopefully will continue to do.

Unique Robinson  Ms. Unique 

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Michelle Turner  Ms. Turner   
Parent Coordinator

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